WB reiterates support to social protections in Tanzania

TANZANIA: THE World Bank (WB) has expressed its commitment to continue supporting social protection in the country through the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) to foster social and economic development to vulnerable population.

Speaking to reporters on the sideline of the Tentative Field visit program to Bagamoyo District Council at Kongo Village on Tuesday, World Bank East Africa, Practice Manager and Social Protection Robert Chase said that the bank has dished out nearly 1 billion US dollars in the last ten years to Tanzania through TASAF.

“I am very excited to be here seeing the World Bank continuing financing vulnerable people by giving them cash, empowering with necessary training skills that enables households to graduate out of both food and basic- needs poverty,” he said.

He said that crisis is among other factors, which have negatively affected many developing countries, including Tanzania such as floods, thus the need to provide support through food security and climate change programmes.

Chase pointed out that the implementation programs being undertaken by TASAF in Bagamoyo by encouraging provision of cash transfer through electronic (Mobile transaction) and banks account has wiped out any cheating of ghost beneficiaries.

For his part, Acting Director of Bagamoyo City Council, Majid Mhina said that the official visit by the WB, regional officials to them it’s a clear testimony that the district is doing well in the implementation of TASAF programs in the fight against poverty in the country.

“Although Bagamoyo district was the first in the pilot study during the first inspection of TASAF in the country whereby a number of vulnerable people was high compare to now,” adding majority of the household in the district can now three meals per day, clothes and taking the children to the primary school level and the school enrolment has increased drastically.

Mhina said the newly e payment system has wiped out the possibility of some dishonest people to forge any document because the beneficiaries are required to have National Identification card as one of the criteria.

TASAF, Productive Social Safeness Coordinator in the Bagamoyo, Sammatta Jalala said that Kongo is among 26 villages in the district council benefiting from TASAF support and it’s among the villages with a total of 137 beneficiary households.

He said that the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) has continued to be paid through e payment which involve mobile wallets, bank and cash mode which is more friendly, faster and easy.

“As for the financial year ended June 2023, six payment windows were conducted whereby 36m/- grants were paid to household beneficiaries in Kongo village,” he said.

He said through Productive Social Safety Net (PSSN) in kongo several implementation programs have been observed such as increased school and clinic enrolment and attendance of children, to date the program has helped 81 children to attend school with scholastic materials as well as 17 clinics services.

The program provides cash transfers to poor and vulnerable households with the condition that the transfers are used on health and education services along with opportunities to earn additional income through public works and livelihoods.

Jalala further explained that (PSSN) programme has contributed to the economic growth of the country in many spheres.

He said the aim of PSSN is to empower poor households to increase income and have access to social services such as food, education and health among others.

Speaking on achievements of the programme in the district, Aisha Mfaume  one of the beneficiaries said there has been timely cash transfer to beneficiary households all round.

“Through cash benefits parents and guardians are able to provide basic needs like uniforms, books, among others to their children” he said.

She said producing water coated soap from 10 litres up to 40 litres from the TASAF financing that enable her to make her living and take her three meals per day.

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