VP calls ministries to boost Shimmuta Games

VICE-PRESIDENT Philip Mpango has directed the Inter Parastatal and Ministries Games (SHIMMUTA) leaders to allocate funds and effectively allow their employees to participate in the games annually.

Mpango made this call on Sunday during the games opening ceremony at Mkwakwani Stadium in Tanga.

On top of that, Mpango insisted the importance of private institutions and companies leaders participating in the SHIMMUTA Executive Committee whenever necessary for the broader interests of successful games.

Also, Mpango encouraged leaders and employees at workplaces countrywide to participate in sports to have a healthy body and mind that will bring positive performance results in institutions and the development of our country.

“In a normal sense, different studies show that sports are important for the body, mind and recovery from non-communicable diseases such as pressure and high blood pressure,” said Vice-President.

Also, Mpango called on the Institutes to ensure Public and Private Companies participate in other activities, such as the cleanliness of the environment and planting trees at their workplaces.

Mpango noted that such activities align with the government programmes for sustainable development and environmental protection.

The Deputy Minister for Culture, Arts and Sports, Pauline Gekul, has criticised the institutions that involve athletes who are not employees of the involved institutions.

Also, Minister Gekul has instructed the National Sports Council (NSC) to make a follow-up on 50 institutions that have not participated in the competition for two years now.

“I would like to assure you that the Ministry, through NSC, will continue to cooperate with all sports federations and ensure that sports are played at the workplaces and other places,” said Gekul.

She also added that the Ministry will continue to ensure sports are held at all levels to strengthen workers’ health, build love, unity and cooperation, and protect them from non-communicable diseases.

When reading the speech, the Chairman of the Sports Federation of Tanzania (SHIMMUTA), Roselyne Massam, said the competition has continued to be successful where this year there are 52 teams compared to 26 teams in 2018.

She further urged members to pay fees on time to ensure swift preparations of the games.

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