VP calls for heightening public education on Union

DODOMA: VICE-PRESIDENT Dr Philip Mpango has tasked officials under his docket to heighten public awareness education on benefits of the Union between Tanzania Mainland (formerly Tanganyika) and Zanzibar to tackle misleading information on social media.

Dr Mpango wanted them to effectively exploit modern ways of delivering education, including using arts and the media while motivating the youths to read documents and various books on history of the Union.

He went further directing the department responsible for the Union to effectively participate in all meetings aimed at addressing the remaining Union vexes.

Meanwhile, the VicePresident has directed relevant authorities within the government to closely follow up and effectively supervise implementation of various environment programmes to realise the goal of conserving and protecting environment for the benefit of the current and future generation.

He made the directive on Wednesday when speaking to leaders and officials of the Vice-President’s Office during the working meeting at Kambarage Conference Hall in the Capital City- Dodoma.

“It’s better to up efforts for protecting the environment ,considering that many parts of the country still face challenge of environmental degradation,” he stated.

On the other hand, the Vice-President told them to embrace creativity at work and strengthen collaboration with various stakeholders and citizens to realise the goal of clean cooking energy.

He also asked them to come up with projects that would attract more investments and foreign currency that would help in conserving the environment in the country.

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He also urged officials in the government to closely cooperate with stakeholders in both private and public sectors in ensuring that the alternative energy is accessed at low cost so that many citizens could afford using the clean energy.

The Vice-President also called for strengthening of the centre for monitoring the carbon trade so that the country can fully exploit the opportunity and benefit from the growing global trade.

Tanzania is among the developing countries with enormous opportunities for potential sectors to engage in carbon trading projects in a view to contribute to the global efforts in reduction of greenhouses gasses emission while enhancing environmental conservation and socio-economic development in the country.

Tanzania has prepared the National Carbon Trading Guidelines to address the demands of carbon trading in the country. Before the development of the Guidelines and Regulations, carbon trading projects were operational in the country without being regulated.

Effective and efficient management of carbon trading requires policy and legal framework to guide and facilitate practitioners and other relevant stakeholders to harmoniously engage in the trade.

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