Vodacom donates computers worth 90m/- to schools in Korogwe

OVER 2,000 students in five schools in Korogwe District, Tanga Region will benefit from a donation of ICT equipment from the Vodacom Tanzania Foundation (VTF).

The equipment, which include computers and tablets, are worth 89m/-.

The donation, part of a VTF’s School Connectivity Project in partnership with African Child Project (ACP) and the Universal Communications Service Access Fund (UCSAF), aims at benefiting 300 schools countrywide.

Korogwe District Commissioner, Ms Jokate Mwegelo thanked VTF and partners during the handing over ceremony held yesterday, saying the much-needed donation will transform the delivery of education in the district.

“This initiative is transforming the teaching methodology and how students access learning materials,” the DC said, “gone are the days when teachers and students only relied on textbooks for teaching and learning”.

With the internet and platforms like Vodacom’s e-Fahamu, teachers are now providing guidelines and letting the students learn by themselves.

The secondary schools that benefited from the donations were Joel Bendera which received eight desktop computers, while Mashewa, Ngombezi, Old Korogwe and Kwamndolwa each received six computers and at least one television screen, printer and tablet.

In addition to the donations, the five schools will also receive training on how to use e-Fahamu learning portal.

VTF acting Director of Corporate Affairs, Ms Annette Kanora outlined the objective of the school connectivity project while commending the government and partners for their support to the program rollout.

“We have received tremendous support from the government and partners which is invaluable. We have an agenda to lead Tanzania into a digital age and transform lives through technology,” Ms Kanora said.

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