UNFPA assures NBS support on census data analysis

THE United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA) has promised to continue supporting the National Bureau Statistic (NBS) to prepare and complete the further analysis of national housing and population census statistics.

The census analysis is key for government’s planning and policy making and will be vital for individuals and organisations. The document will significantly aid the implementation of various programmes and national development plans.

Speaking during an event to bid farewell to UNFPA Deputy Country Representative, Dr Wilfredy Ochan, yesterday, the National Housing and Population Census Commissioner, Ms Anne Makinda paid gratitude for his support.

She said the UNFPA is a key partner in the population census as it has already disbursed 200,000 Euros to support NBS in data analysis for national planning.

“Census data are key since now the government knows that the country’s population is almost 61 million as per initial results released last month, but more data have to be processed for utilisation in various national development planning,” said the retired National Assembly Speaker, Ms Makinda.

She added: “We have been working with UNFPA for quite a period of time, they have helped us during the census exercise held in August this year and they have promised to help us even in the post census process.”

She said the census exercise, NFPA supported the government in expertise in technical issues and teamed up with partners in making it a success including the Republic of Korea who donated 600 tablets, the UN Women who donated 200 tablets and China among other supporters.

Mr Ochang, who has been appointed as the Representative of the Population Association in Ghana, stressed the need for NBS to ensure they seek political support for the use of data on the implementation of the 2025 vision and the consultation review of the national development plan.

“We can promise NBS to continue working with them because we have a permanent relationship, we will mobilise other partners to support further analysis of census data,” said Mr Ochang.

He added that his being to Ghana may result in a good learning network between Tanzania and Ghana because opportunities exist from networking.

“Ghana has conducted a digital census since May this year. Perhaps there might be issues Tanzania would like to learn, especially in this digital census, if there is any opportunity to learn, I will act as a facilitator to ensure this happens,” he said.

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