UN vows support to youth innovators

UNITED Nations (UN) has vowed to enhance digital innovation in the country by enabling youth innovators through the creation of robust systems and the provision of necessary support.

The organisation also said will give incentives to create enduring change and be able to bring more solutions.

UN’s Resident Coordinator in Tanzania, Mr Zlatan Milisic said on Monday during the United Day Partner where innovators showcased their ideas to UN Agencies at the Sahara Ventures premises in Dar es Salaam.

He said the UN, through its agencies, has been supportive and cooperative to youth innovation, especially in the digital space to ensure that new ideas are being explored and be able to bring solutions to numerous challenges.

“It is important that we establish robust systems and provide the necessary support and incentive to create enduring change,” said Mr Milisic as the Organisation commemorated the 78th United Nations Day.

“We had a chance to hear and see great stories of growth and impact from the innovators that addressed various critical issues,” he added.

He stressed that the innovative ideas presented including initiatives for health, women empowerment, and combating challenges like child marriages, early pregnancies, and violence against women, have always been the UN priorities.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Deputy Representative, Mr Ousmane Niang said most vulnerable people will have increasingly utilized quality, inclusive, integrated basic education, and health, nutrition, and protection services.

He said since the world is changing rapidly, fresh perspectives and innovative solutions are highly needed.

“Young innovators possess a unique ability to think outside the box, unburdened by preconceived notions and limitations.

“By investing in them, we are not just supporting individual aspirations; we are investing in the future prosperity of nations”, said Mr Niang.

He said Tanzania stands at a critical juncture in its development journey where the youth represent a vast pool of untapped potential and creativity, by enabling the necessary resources and opportunities.

Additionally, the UN is unlocking a wave of innovation that has the power to transform industries, spur economic growth, and address pressing societal challenges.

Investing in young innovators fosters a culture of entrepreneurship which not only leads to job creation but also nurtures a spirit of resilience and determination.

“It empowers young people like the ones we are interacting with here today, to become drivers of change, contributing not only to economic development but also to the overall well-being of their communities” he noted Mr Niang.

Sahara’s Chief Operation Officer, Mr Musa Kamata said the motive for staging the exhibition is to support youth digital innovators, especially the startups able to explore innovative ideas and turn them into employment opportunities.

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