UHC to consider citizens’ interests – Mpango

VICE-President, Dr Philip Mpango has assured Tanzanians that the government will take into considerations interests of all groups of people including low income earners in its decision to establish the Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

The VP said that the ongoing consultations with various stakeholders will help the government to make a decision that will enable every citizen to have access to better health services at affordable cost.

Dr Mpango made the assurance on Wednesday while addressing Kagongwa residents in Kahama District as part of activities of his Shinyanga Region tour.

He noted that the government is still receiving views and pieces of advice from various stakeholders concerning the establishment of the insurance scheme.

Elaborating, Dr Mpango directed Shinyanga regional leadership to ensure proper supervision and collection of government revenue.

Adding:  “I am not satisfied with regional report on revenue collection in Shinyanga councils.”

In a related development, the VP called upon regional inspectors and National Environment Management Council (NEMC) to conduct regular inspection in all toxic wastes’ pits so that no leakage occurs like what happened in Mwadui in Shinyanga Region.

He also directed the Government Chief Valuer to complete  the verification and valuation of properties and farms of Mwadui residents,  who have been affected  by bursts of the toxic waste pit so that they can be compensated.

While at Kagongwa, the VP directed authorities in the area to hunt for a man identified as Athuman Yusuph, who abandoned  his phyically disabled wife- Prisca Nyanda with two children, further worsening her economic status of struggling to feed them.

Feeling touched, Dr Mpango contributed 5m/-  to support  her and asked other leaders  and residents to raise funds for supporting her. In the course, some 6.8m/- was instantly collected in the directive.

In a separate development, the VP laid a foundation stone for Shinyanga Regional Referral Hospital that was constructed at 9.5bn/- in Mwawaza area, Shinyanga Municipality.

Addressing leaders and employees of the hospital, as well as Shinyanga residents, he said the construction is a continuation of the government’s  commitments in improving and moving specialised services closer to the people.

He added that the installation of medical equipment such as CT-Scan in the institution was aimed at reducing the risk of patients traveling to distant ones, citing Bugando and Muhimbili to get the same services.

Equally, Dr Mpango urged Ministry of Health leadership, nurses and citizens in general to take good care of the buildings and medical equipment in the hospital.

In his address, he pledged that the government will release some 6bn/- for the construction of the hospital’s laboratory, mother and child buildings, adding that the authority also expects to start building a five-kilometre tarmac road connecting it with other feeder roads,  where some 7bn/- have already been provided.

At the occasion, the Vice-President instructed the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) to ensure health personnel who demand bribes from the patients are dealt with properly in accordance with the law.

Elaborating, he directed security organs to track and identify people, who steal drugs from hospitals and health centres.

In response, the Deputy Minister for Health, Dr Godwin Mollel said that Shinyanga Region has saved a total of 403m/- used for transporting patients per year to other places, after the installation of the modern medical equipment including X-Ray and CT-Scan in the institution.

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