TZ emerges triumphant in cyber security Index

TANZANIA has emerged second best in the Cyber Security Index (GCI) for 2020, out of 52 countries in Africa.

The Geneva based International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Global Cyber Security Index for 2020, was released recently.

The ITU report submitted to the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) Director General Dr Jabiri Bakari shows that Tanzania has scored 90.58 points, being second best after Mauritius that earned overall score of 96.89 points. Ghana emerged third with overall score 86.69 points.

Dr Bakari expressed gratitude over the country’s excellent performance, saying cyber war was a real time threat to social economic development of people and state not only within the country but also at global level.

The TCRA chief said cyber-attacks were lethal and more detrimental than modern weapons because they do not need physical presence of the criminal attacker and they have no limit to distance.

“They target key infrastructures of countries and institutions, causing an unprecedented extensive damage,” he noted.

According to Dr Bakari, Tanzania’s feat encompassed various key cyber security criteria, including rules and regulations on cyber-crime and cyber security, measuring implementation of technical capabilities through national and sector specific agencies.

He said it also contains measuring the national strategies and organisations implementing cyber security, capacity development that entail measuring awareness campaigns, training, education and incentives for cyber security capacity development, plus level of cooperation and partnership with other countries, agencies and firms.

“The need for safe and secure cyberspace has become more important than ever, especially as we grow increasingly dependent on ‘digital lifelines’. One of the greatest challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic has been finding ways to meaningfully connection with each other, despite uncertainty, anxiety and change,” said Doreen Martin, who is the Director, ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau.

The GCI is an initiative of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the UN specialised agency for ICTs, shaped and improved by the work of a diverse range of experts and contributors within countries and other international organisations.

GCI was first launched in 2015; few people could have imagined the situation that countries currently find themselves in.

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