TMA: ongoing rains unusual

THE Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA) has explained about the ongoing rains in the Coastal Regions, saying they are out of season and are expected to last through August.

TMA Weather Analyst, Rose Senyagwa said usually June –August (JJA) season is dominated with strong winds, cool and cold conditions over most parts of the country and not rainy.

“This year is a little different because we anticipate spells of rain during the JJA season, especially in the coastal regions. The situation is a result of the presence of above average temperatures near the shores of our coast in the West of the Indian Ocean,” she said.

Ms Senyagwa continued by stating that the presence of these out-of-season rains is brought on by the humid wind that blows from the southeast of the Indian Ocean into the territories of Tanzania.

Therefore, she said people should expect these rainy periods to continue in the JJA season along with cold periods and strong winds.

According to her, because the clouds that produce the rain, known as start form clouds, are not particularly heavy, the rains cannot have immediate consequences.

“This type of rain, due to the type of clouds that are forming during this period, will be long-lasting, meaning that little rain will fall, but over a longer period of four to six hours, and they may not cause as much damage as seasonal rains,” said Senyagwa.

The Outlook for JJA 2023 issued by TMA last month indicates that Warmer than normal to normal minimum temperatures are expected over most areas of the country.

However, normal to warmer than normal minimum temperatures are expected over the southwestern highlands and Lake Victoria.

It further indicates that despite the JJA season usually being dominated by dry conditions over most parts of the country.

The expected southeasterly to easterly winds are likely to bring moisture from the Indian Ocean which may trigger occasional rains over few areas along the entire coastal belt (Mtwara, Lindi, Pwani including Mafia Islands, Morogoro, Dar es Salaam, Tanga regions together with Unguja and Pemba Islands).

In the same vein, TMA yesterday issued an advisory for five days of severe weather impact-based forecasts.

The advisory of heavy rains was issued over a few areas of Dar es salaam, Coast (including Mafia Isles) and Tanga regions together with Unguja and Pemba isles.

TMA advised people to be prepared as the rains might cause floods and disruption of some economic activities. The advisory was issued for Monday, Thursday and Friday of this week.

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