Three councils in Rukwa fail to meet revenue goals

RUKWA: Three out of four Councils in the Rukwa Region have missed their revenue collection targets for 2022/23, due to a shortfall of electronic devices usage.

The councils are Kalambo which managed to collect 96 per cent of the goal, Sumbawanga 88 per cent, and at the bottom Nkasi 76 per cent.

Sumbawanga Municipal was the only council that managed to surpass the target after collecting 116 per cent of the goal.

The four councils in Rukwa Region managed to collect a total of 9.92 bn/- implying 94 per cent performance during the 2022/2023 Financial Year.

The Regional Secretariat, Assistant Administrative Secretary (Financial Supervisor), Mr Mpapalika Mfaume Mpapalika said that in 2022/2023 the target for four councils was to collect a total of 10.56 bn/- at the end of June.

“The good performance was due to joint efforts,” he said recently during the full council meeting in Namanyere town in Nkasi district.

Sumbawanga District Council topped the list after collecting 116 per cent equals to 3.49bn/- against the set target of 3.02bn/-.

Kalambo DC came second and managed to collect 96 per cent of the target equivalent to 1.94bn/- against a target of 2.03bn/.

Then followed by Sumbawanga Municipal Council collecting 2.20bn/- compared to the set target of 2.49bn/-, implying 88 per cent performance.

Mr Mpapalika further expounded that Nkasi DC managed to collect a total of 2.3 bn/-, equivalent to 76 per cent of the 3.0bn/- target.

Additionally, in the first two months of 2023/24 fiscal year, the four councils have collected 22.24 per cent of the set goal or 2.6bn/- of 11.7bn/- target.

The Nkasi District Council Chairperson, Mr Pancras Malyatabu, urged councilors to closely supervise the domestic revenue and tax collector in efforts to curb all loopholes leading to misappropriation of the collected revenue.

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