The Stanbic Bank – branch managers academy welcomes third cohort

DAR ES SALAAM:  The Stanbic Bank Tanzania (SBT) has announced the induction of the third cohort of the SBT Branch Managers Academy, signifying a milestone achievement in the career progression of SBT employees aspiring to take greater leadership roles within the bank.

The Stanbic Branch Managers Academy, known for its dedication to high learning standards, provides an all-encompassing learning and development program that aims to furnish aspiring branch managers with the essential skills set, managerial competency, and leadership knowledge required to succeed in the dynamic banking sector. By accentuating practical learning, mentorship, and real-world experiences, the Academy equips up-and-coming leaders with the necessary skills and assurance to effectively navigate the intricate landscape of contemporary banking.

Speaking during the inaugural ceremony, the CEO of Stanbic Bank Tanzania, Mr. Manzi Rwegasira, underscored the critical significance of branch managers in facilitating business expansion by attracting new clients. In order to develop strategic initiatives to attract new clients, cross-sell products and services, and capitalize on emergent market opportunities, he emphasized the significance of specialized and effective training.

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Moreover, he emphasized the criticality of providing branch managers with comprehensive training to enable them to comprehend and alleviate the intrinsic risks linked to banking sector.

“It is a pleasure to stand before you today as we launch the third cohort of the Stanbic Bank Tanzania Branch Managers Academy. This programme represents our commitment to nurturing leadership talent within Stanbic Bank Tanzania. We are not just building managers; we are cultivating the future leaders of our organisation and the banking industry in Tanzania as a whole,” the CEO noted.

He added; “The Branch Managers Academy plays a crucial role in this vision. It is more than just a training pitch; it provides a comprehensive development journey to equip our branch managers with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in an ever-evolving banking environment. ”

On her part, the Executive Director of the Tanzania Bankers Association (TBA) Ms. Tuse Joune, motivated the nominated individuals aspiring to become banking professionals to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the program that is committed to build skills and capacity in branch management and financial literacy.

The SBT employees who wish to advance their careers as branch managers and create a lasting influence in the banking industry are encouraged to enroll for the next cohort.

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To date a total of 21 employees have successfully completed the past two cohorts of the SBT Branch Manager Academy and out of those 5 SBT employees have been promoted to branch managers. In this 3rd cohort, 11 SBT employees have been nominated for the SBT Branch Managers Academy.

“In light of the ongoing transformations in the banking industry, the significance of branch managers has never been greater,” stated Mr. Omari Mtiga, Head of Private and Personal Banking at Stanbic Bank Tanzania. “Our Academy is recognized as a model of excellence and innovation in the branch management level. We are overjoyed to commence this endeavor alongside our third group of branch managers and aspiring leaders, providing them with the necessary resources to achieve success and the authority to effect constructive transformations in the banking industry”, he concluded.

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