TGU lauds President Samia’s golf course offer

TANZANIA Golf Union (TGU) has applauded President Samia Suluhu’s endeavour to construct a modern golf course at the country’s State House in Chamwino, Dodoma.

The union’s President Gilman Kasiga made the remarks in Dar es Salaam recently after he gallantly won the first CRDB Inter-Club championship.

The 18-hole match play showdown between the Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF) Lugalo Club and the Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club (DGC) saw the hosts Lugalo emerging victorious.

Kasiga said: “I hope with that decision, President Samia sends a message to Tanzanians, the leaders, the Cabinet, Permanent Secretaries and cooperate firm that they should now embrace golf.

“This is a very inspiring move; the President has promoted our game very well, we compliment her for a wonderful job, and we TGU are ready to help with anything whenever they need us,” he said.

Adding, he said the arrival of the golf course is good news since it boosts and promotes the game.

The proposed construction of the history-making golf course in the country’s new State House, Chamwino, is a blessing moment for the country’s sports and tourism sectors.

Addressing the inauguration of the new State House in Chamwino, the country’s capital, President Samia confirmed the construction of the golf course and other sports facilities at the Samia Complex in the Chamwino area.

Kasiga, who was the chief guest during at the Inter-Club championship that saw Lugalo Club beat DGC by 14 to nine matches, also hailed the two Dar es Salaam clubs for their worthy initiative.

He congratulated the clubs for the way they planned and organized the first Inter-club competition and said it was a very inspiring move.

He stressed that TGU will encourage and facilitate when it comes to promoting club competitions and not club rivalry, and in this way, they will go very far.

“So, as others advised, we should do this competition as many times as possible and reach the national level in the sense of involving other clubs in the country, TGU has received that advice, and we support it.

“I guess we can do that and propose we can organize a President Cup championship; the mechanism of that will be decided by the committee, which will set and see what can be done so that we can involve the entire nation in competing in this type of the competition,” he insisted.

Lugalo Club Chairman Michael Luwongo thanked the club’s neighbours DGC and sponsor CRDB for taking part in the competition’s backing. He said the goal is not only to compete but to stay together and have fun.

He said they are relieved to have the competition, which has kept the players together and strengthened friendships.

Luwongo said the two clubs are brothers, and the difference is only in names he was also pleased with the players who showed up in big numbers despite the rainy weather.

DGC Chairman Lese Sayore also congratulated Lugalo Captain Japhet Masai, who brought the idea and good cooperation from DGC Captain Fred Laizer and sponsor CRDB.


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