TFF wants calm as Yanga’s Feitoto case rings

The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has called on for patience as a contract case involving Young Africans against their player Feisal Salum is progressing.

The preliminary hearing of the case was held at the federation’s headquarters in Dar es Salaam on Friday afternoon where Feisal appeared before the Legal and Players Status Committed of TFF.

Accompanied by his legal team, the midfielder could not say anything after a meeting which lasted for an hour but was seen in jovial mood as he marched towards his parking car.

However, in his brief reaction after the first hearing, the federation’s Legal, Media and Marketing Director Boniface Wambura said so far, everything is unfolding well.

“Here, we have a case involving two parties (Yanga against Feisal) and the responsibility of the Legal and Players Status Committee is to provide final judgement.

“As such, people should continue to wait as the case is being heard,” said Wambura after the meeting was adjourned for a lunch break.

Yanga insist that Feisal breached some contract agreement in his quest to terminate it saying his current contract run up to 2024.

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