TCU Board tasked to provide accurate information

THE Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Professor Adolf Mkenda has directed Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) new board to ensure provision of accurate information to enable public and private higher learning institutions to accommodate the increasing number of students.

Prof Mkenda issued the directives during the inauguration of the new board in Dodoma on Thursday.

He said the board has responsibility to ensure that it empowers and supports those who  want  to register and invest in higher learning institutions to ensure that the increase  in number of students correspond with  the increase in number of universities.

Prof Mkenda also asked the new board to facilitate Tanzanians who want to study abroad by checking the authenticity of the institutions /colleges abroad, especially those which provide online medical training.

“We wish to see many students joining colleges or universities abroad, but they should first be provided with sufficient information about their authenticity, I had a meeting with the Diaspora recently, aimed at opening more opportunities for Tanzanians to study abroad; we want many experts with sufficient knowledge from abroad,” he said.

He also asked the new board to check the quality of training on foreign universities to help students who study abroad to be recognised by Tanzania Professional bodies when they return to the country.

In addition, the Minister asked board members to develop the quality of education in local universities so as to impact and bring about quality education in primary and secondary levels.

“We are complaining that our primary and secondary education is poor, but let’s remember that those who graduate  from higher learning institutions are the ones who come to teach in primary and secondary schools, if we will improve higher education and provide quality and competent graduates, we will also improve  our level education,” said Prof Mkenda.

He instructed all universities and the Public Service Recruitment Secretariat to ensure that along with interviews, all interviewee for the lecturer post should make presentations of their dissertation or research papers to test their competence.

“There are some people who hold Master’s Degree or PhD but they didn’t write their dissertation or research papers; they have either copied or written by some other people. If you interview them you will find they miss some technical skills, they need to present their papers so that you can check their professional competency,” he explained.

Prof Mkenda said that in order to ensure quality of higher education the board should check if the awarded PhD holders are worthy and accurate by checking the accuracy of their dissertation paper whether are genuine or copied as well as marking open and public presentations of these dissertations.

“Dissertation presentations should be done in public  you invite people  to  come and listen if you find out that someone has been awarded a PhD or Master’s Degree and it seems that he/she did not deserve it, do the ‘Name and Shame’ style to stop that behaviour, including  the university supervisors and students,” he said.

On her part, TCU Board Chairman, Professor Penina Mlama, said that the higher education sector is rapidly growing due to an increase of number of universities as well as the expansion of academic curricula offered.

The increase of universities and enrollment in the universities has been motivated by opportunities offered by the government through provision of free education from primary to advanced level.

The new TCU Board will serve for a period of three years from January this year to January 2026.

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