TCCIA Executive director clears air on allegations

EXECUTIVE Director of the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA), Ms Judith Karangi, has clarified over reports on sexual harassment allegedly done by suspended TCCIA President Paul Koyi.

She said in a statement issued on Monday, that she was shocked to see “a father and a husband of someone”, being posted cheaply on social media, there by exposing Mr Koyi regarding attempts to sexual harassment, and there by mentioning her good name as well.

“As the legally recognised Executive Director of my institution (TCCIA) and of business community within the association, recognised by the government of Tanzania and the High Court of Tanzania. And, as per ongoing meetings and mediations both within the institution and the ministry involved to checking the betterment of the sector within the country, which are yet to be concluded for the change of the status quo until then, I find this of essence to respond for and on behalf of the above-mentioned parties who are key in fostering the welfare of day-to-day operations of the chamber. I also find it necessary to respond for our families including my own and Mr Koyi’s,” she said.

She said as it was earlier said and advised, anything concerning seduction remains to be private and internal to the institution for some private reasons.

“There is no any woman who is aggrieved by being approached respectfully; the only problem is the outcome of the reaction to the breakage either of the existing relationship, or to saying no to such existence of the similar relationships. I kindly advice parties to remain calm while the matters are being handled professionally through internal meetings,” she stated.

She noted the matter is being handled under the attention of the interim president, who promised to prepare some internal engagements after she consulted to share her concern on this deliberate miscalculation.

She said she likes working with men a lot and they form a large part of her professional engagements, this means that, she does not want male colleagues to feel uncomfortable while working with her.

“As always, this will create another atmosphere that I don’t entertain. I am a very charming person and of course, men are forming a large part of my friends, both the old and the middle aged,” she said.

She said men mentored her for who she is and she cherished every single contribution they have done in her life.

Ms Karangi said other problems of leadership on agreeing to disagree, are being handled by the high level executive council and the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which will come to take part.

“Of course sexual harassment won’t be part of it as I mentioned it earlier on within the committee that was appointed. I advise for the approach which was taken by the committee to keep being the same for those who would like to take advantage of the report, which I’d still think, it is a classified report and so not externally for consumption until after the final stance being made by the institution (AGM).

“My humble advice would be next time to be consulted, should there be any need to such kind of issues to be posted on social media, if at all it is necessary. My advice is to work out all differences by having internal meetings, to address matters in a manner that will not draw attention to the society unnecessarily,” she said.

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