TASAC clarifies reports on interns’ expulsion

THE Tanzania Shipping Agency Corporation (TASAC) has dismissed reports circulating on social media that it has ended contracts with more than 400 interns without following proper procedures.

Speaking in Dodoma recently, the TASAC Director General Kaimu Mkayenge said the accusations were baseless because the contracts were legally terminated due to changes in the law, something led to removal of some of TASAC’s duties that were performed by those interns.

“TASAC terminated the contracts of 209 youths and not more than 400 as it has been reported on social media. These contracts were legally terminated and all the interns were informed about the reasons for the termination of their contracts and were paid a one-month allowance as compensation,” said Mkayenge.

Mkayenge noted that in July 2022 the Parliament made changes to the Tanzania Shipping Law by cancelling some of the responsibilities of the Shipping Agency and transferring them to the private sector.

“Due to changes on August 11, 2022, TASAC wrote a letter to 209 youths that their contracts would not be renewed by August 30, 2022, including  giving  reasons for the termination of their contracts, as well as paying them an allowance of one month in September as a compensation,” he added.

Explaining about allegation that the interns were not being provided with health insurance, Mkayenge said there is no law that requires the institution to provide an insurance cover to a person who is in practical training or internship.

He said the national law and guidelines issued by the Prime Minister’s Office-Labour, Employment, Youth and People with Disabilities, have specified all the rights that should be given to the interns.

“There is no place that requires an institution to provide health insurance cover, the existing entitlement is a stipend that is determined by the relevant institution,” he said.

On the other hand, Mr Mkeyenge clarified that among the 209 youths whose contracts were terminated, 168 were satisfied with the decision while 41 had their case rejected because it was submitted out of time and the cases for 9 others are still at the CMA.

He called upon the members of the public to stay calm and wait for the CMA’s decision concerning the fate of the nine interns.

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