TARURA allocates over 52bn/- for road projects in Dodoma

THE Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) in Dodoma region has allocated 52.16bn/- for execution of various road projects in 2022/2023 financial year.

Briefing journalists on achievements of the Sixth Phase Government in the city on Thursday, TARURA Regional Manager, Engineer Lusako Kilembe said that the agency has succeeded in increasing its budget from 12.40bn to 55.60bn/- in two years of President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s administration.

“A total of 52.16bn/- has been set aside in this financial year for implementation of various road projects in our region this is a huge increment compared to 2021/2022 budget,” he said.

Eng Kilembe said that TARURA in Dodoma Region serves a road network with a total length of 7,540.94 kilometers. He said that the improvement of the infrastructure has helped to address transport problems in various areas, hence improving and easing movement of crops, people and goods.

Eng Kilembe said that, the budget increase will support the implementation of road construction projects in Nala Industrial area (5km), the construction of additional roads in Mtumba Government City and maintenance of other roads.

Eng Kilembe also said that, in the financial year 2021/2011 TARURA Dodoma Region had only one source of funds which was the Central Government through the Road Fund Board but in 2022/2023 the sources of fund have increased to three including the Road Fund Board, Fuel Levy and the Central Government.

Eng Kilembe said that the monies from the mentioned three sources have enabled the agency to enhance road maintenance, repair and improvement of road infrastructures.

He said that for the past two years, roads in good condition have increased from 699.625 kilometres to 1,925.084 kms equivalent to an increase of 175.16 per cent, roads in average condition have increased from 2,098.875 km to 2,755.844 km equivalent to an increase of 31.3 per cent and roads with poor conditions have decreased from 4,197.75 kms to 2,860.92 kms, equivalent to a reduction of 31.8 per cent.

He said the agency has also set up strategies  to address the challenge of  road destruction including continuous provision of education  on proper road use  by collaborating with other stakeholders .

“We need to continue using the Roads Act of 2007 to manage and control those who damage the infrastructure purposely including overweight and removal of road signs,” he said.

He also explained that TARURA has planned to ensure that the implemented projects are completed with quality to ensure value for money.

The Dodoma Regional Commissioner Rosemary Senyamule said that Dodoma is a well-planned region that has internal, central and outer ring roads that are not found in other parts of the country and even in some countries in the East African region.

She said that President Samia has continued to seek funds to ensure that the road infrastructure continues to be improved to enable Dodoma to be accessible throughout the year.

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