TanzaniaZ to become agriculture, fisheries learning centre

THE Permanent Secretary in Prime Minister’s Office in charge of Policy, Parliamentary Affairs and Coordination, Dr Jim Yonazi has said plans are underway to make Tanzania a knowledge centre for learning agriculture and fisheries in East Africa.

He said the government now focuses on acquiring the status due to the efforts it is making improving the two sectors.

Dr Yonazi revealed the government’s plan during his working visit to inspect the implementation of Agriculture and Fisheries Development Programme (AFDP) coordinated by his office in Morogoro Region, on Wednesday.

“Our country will be a knowledge centre for learning agriculture and fishing for East African countries due to the huge investments done by the government in these sectors…we have abundant wealth through opportunities arising from these sectors.”

Dr Yonazi said that AFDP will help to improve the   infrastructure with the aim of ensuring that animal husbandry becomes part of the national income and contributes to the country’s development through foreign currency inflow.

The PS added that the agriculture and fishing sectors play a pivotal role in contributing to the country’s development through various available opportunities.

For her side, Morogoro Regional Commissioner, Fatma Mwassa commended the Prime Minister’s Office for bringing AFDP to the region, adding that Morogoro has successfully proved to be potential area for agriculture and fishing due to its fertile land.

Ms Mwassa said the region has continued to be food basket for the country as it produces various crops including rice.

“We have continued to lead other regions in rice production in the country, number six in banana production and number four among five major regions (G5) engaging in food production in the country. Our goals are to do well and move from fourth position nationally to a much better position,” said Mwassa.

The RC added that her region has continued to give priority to agricultural issues by continuing to allocate an adequate budget.

Speaking earlier on the objective of AFDP,  Programme Coordinator from the Prime Minister’s Office, Salimu Mwijaka said so far the project has reached 11 regions including Morogoro, Geita, Lindi, Tanga,  Coast, Dodoma, Singida, Manyara, Tabora, Geita, Shinyanga and Mwanza and that they expect to get productive results.

He said the project is focused on improvements in many areas, including improving seed distribution networks, irrigation areas, access to agricultural equipment (tractors)   and seed control in laboratories.

“In fishing sector, we have continued to build and increase the capacity for production of fish fry and improving ponds for raising fish,” Mr Mwijaka said.

Dr Yaonazi also visited Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI),Agricultural Seed Agency (ASA) and Tanzania Official Seed Certification Institute – TZ (TOSCI) in Kingolwira, Morogoro

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