Tanzanian who died in Israel-Hamas war laid to rest

TANZANIA: A TANZANIAN Clemence Mtenga, who was found dead in Israel after went missing for some days, has been laid to rest at his home village of Kirwa Mashati, in Rombo District. Rombo District Commissioner Colonel Khamis Maiga on Tuesday led thousands of mourners in the district and neighbouring district during the burial of Mr Mtenga.

He died in Israel following the attacks on Israel which was conducted by Hamas in October 7, this year. The funeral services were held at the St Joseph the Worker Parish and later on the burial at his home village of Kirwa area Mashati, within the district.

The burial was also attended by the Deputy Ambassador of Israel to Tanzania, Dvora Yarkon. Speaking during the Mass service, the St Joseph Worker Parish Priest Alfred Minja urged Tanzanians to continue praying for the peace to prevail in the country and the world at large.

“ W e thank God that the body of our beloved son was brought home safely ready for these respective burials; May I take this opportunity to appeal to all Tanzanians to continue to Pray for peace for the countries of Israel and Palestine so that the ongoing war comes to an end so that people could live in peace and harmony”, he said.

He added, “We Tanzanians and other people in the world have every reason to continue praying for peace in the world because the ongoing war between these two countries has caused deaths to many people, including innocent children”. He added that “Our young man Clemence was captured and taken as a hostage and killed for no reason, this war has brought sorrow not only to the Mtenga family but to the entire Tanzanian nation; we as Tanzanians should continue to ask God for his mercy, let us kneel down and pray to God so that the war could stop”.

The Deputy Ambassador of Israel to Tanzania, Dvora Yarkon expressed his condolences to Tanzanians for the loss of their beloved one and explained that the nation of Isarel was also shocked by Clemence’s death.

“We received the information concerning Clemence’s with great shock because when Hamas attacked that area, they were not selective and the area they attacked was where Clemence lived; we were surprised by the act of terrorists attacking even foreign citizens who went to Israel to work”, she said.

For his part the Rombo DC, Colonel Hamis Maiga urged the relatives of the late Mtenga to mourn the death of their beloved son with faith and asked family’s neighbours to stand with the family during theis difficult times. The funeral services were preceded by the procession of the body of the deceased which started from the Huruma hospital morgue in Rombo where it was preserved.

The procession of the deceased body started again at noon to St Joseph the Worker Parish Church where the funeral Mass was held before the burial, which took place in the deceased’s village home in Mashati at 4 pm.

On November 17, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation confirmed receiving reports of the death of Clemence Mtenga, who was among two Tanzanians who along with other foreign citizens were missing after the start of the retaliation attacks by Israeli forces.

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