Tanzania marks significant strides in digital inclusion

TANZANIA: TANZANIA has made significant strides in attaining digital inclusion by ensuring equitable access to and use of information and communication technologies in the country.

This has been made possible due to the collaboration between the government and key communication stakeholders in providing access to high-speed connectivity and digital technologies.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Tanzania Chief Executive Officer Manish Govindji said high-speed connectivity and digital technologies are critical to ensure that Tanzania becomes a technology hub for East Africa.

“Liquid is committed to making digital inclusion a reality across the country,” he said after being awarded two prestigious awards at the Chartered Institute of Customer Management Awards recently.

He added, “With an estimated GDP growth of 6.3 per cent in 2024, Tanzania is undergoing a digital transformation that promises to drive further economic growth.” He said the company is committed to ensuring that Tanzania becomes a technology hub for East Africa by providing high-quality services to the customers.

“The awards are a testament to our vision of creating a digitally connected Tanzania that leaves no one behind. We believe that service quality is a vital part of this journey, and we are dedicated to continuously improving our services to meet our customers’ evolving needs,” he said.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, which is a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group’s Tanzanian operations also bagged second place in the ‘Most Improved Organisation’ category, showcasing its focus on continuous growth and excellence.

This achievement also highlights the company’s goal of providing reliable connectivity and innovative solutions to individuals and businesses in Tanzania.

The Chartered Institute of Customer Management organised and hosted the Service Excellence Awards in 11 countries globally since 2010, including several African countries, and was held in Tanzania for the first time this year.

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