Tanzania clarifies on Korean loan claims

DAR ES SALAAM: Tanzania’s government has refuted claims that security guarantee was included in the issuance of 2.5bn US dollars (about 6.7tri/-) loan from the Republic of Korea.

Chief Government Spokesman Mr Mobhare Matinyi made it clear on Tuesday following the widespread information on the social media platforms on Monday purporting that Tanzania secured the loan after meeting ‘tight’ conditions.

“The government has not mortgaged anything or any property because this loan does not have any conditions to require security of any kind,” said Mr Matinyi on Tuesday at a press conference where he said that the information spread on the internet by some media that the government mortgaged part of the sea is a misrepresentation.

He said that during President Samia’s visit to the Republic of Korea she witnessed the signing of only three documents which are the contract, and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and a declaration of partnership agreement between the two countries.

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