We must respect laws, Msekwa

FORMER National Assembly Speaker Pius Msekwa has appealed to all Tanzanians to continue abiding by the laws of the land for the sake of maintaining the existing peace, unity and solidarity.

He made the call on Friday this week in Ukerewe District as the country commemorated the 61st Independence Day.

Mr Msekwa argued that peace, unity and solidarity have continued to prevail because of the national values spearheaded by former leaders, especially the founding father, the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

According to former Speaker, different speeches of Mwalimu Nyerere he gave in and outside Tanzania stressed on the establishment of the nation, whose people respect each other, with leaders also recognising human rights.

“That is why we have never experienced neither political conflicts nor peace violation since we attained the independence,” he said.

He said respecting each other is among the basic national values which Mwalimu Nyerere had been insisting on when addressing the United Nations’ conferences.

Nyerere argued that the colonial rule was discriminatory, ridiculous and exploitative, issues that Africans, Tanzanians in particular must avoid.

“Once we stick to national values spearheaded by our leaders, peace will be maintained for many years to come,” he insisted.

Ukerewe District Commissioner (DC), Colonel Denis Mwila urged Ukerewe resident and Tanzanians in general to continue fighting against the three enemies as identified by Mwalimu Nyerere, which are ignorance, diseases and poverty.

He said the government has been fighting against the three enemies since then that is why President Samia Suluhu Hassan has continued disbursing funds for the construction of schools and hospital infrastructures as well as empowering people economically.

“Ukerewe has got both referral and district hospitals, something which is unusual for the district to have a referral hospital. This is part of efforts being made in fighting diseases,” he said.

Classrooms, hostels and laboratories have been also constructed in the district in a bid to fight ignorance, affirmed the DC, calling upon people to work hard.

He also called upon individual Tanzanians to embrace measures intended to address climate change impacts, such as planting trees.

He condemned the use of illicit drugs which he said was affecting the country’s workforce.

“There is also the issue of human trafficking. We have to continue preserving peace and solidarity as well as respecting human rights, including embracing values we inherited from our national leaders. We are Tanzanians,” he reiterated.

The Pastor for Tanzania Assemblies of God (T.A.G) in Ukerewe, Mr Vicent Lukanga, proposed the establishment of museum in the district at which people can access various publications on the country’s Independence.

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