TanTrade MD graces 2023 Annual Marketing Congress & award 2023 

DAR ES SALAAM: The Tanzania Marketing and Science Association (TMSA) successfully hosted its fourth Annual Marketing Congress and third Marketing Awards Ceremony, dedicated to recognizing and celebrating outstanding achievements in the field of marketing.

The event, which took place earlier last week brought together marketing professionals, scholars, and organizations from across Tanzania.

The Annual Marketing Congress has become a hallmark event in the Tanzanian marketing industry, providing a platform for experts to share their insights, innovations, and experiences that contribute to shaping the marketing profession in the country.

Simultaneously, the Marketing Awards ceremony aimed to promote excellence in marketing by spotlighting the remarkable efforts of individuals, organizations, and scholars who are making a significant impact in the field.

The Managing Director of the Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade), Latifa Muhammed, graced the occasion as the guest of honor. In her opening remarks, she emphasized the pivotal role of marketing in ensuring brand growth and profitability. She stated, “In any business, enterprise marketing is exceptional, as it constitutes between 30 and 40 percent of the business budget and is a strong determining factor for profitability and survival in the business market.”

This year, TMSA recognized and celebrated exceptional achievements in marketing across 20 distinct categories. Among the notable winners were Koncept, awarded the Media Planning and Buy-in Expertise Award, Atwood, honored with the Excellence in Digital Marketing Award, NBC Marathon, acknowledged as the Best CSR Initiative of the Year, Imperial Marketing and Communications, recipient of the Specialization Excellence Award, Hesa Africa, recognized for Excellence in Public Relations, JCDecaux, awarded the Excellence in Marketing accolade, Vodacom, acclaimed for the Marketing Campaign of the Year, These remarkable recipients demonstrated outstanding expertise and contributions to the marketing field, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

Their dedication and innovative approaches have left an indelible mark on the marketing landscape in Tanzania. The Marketing Congress and Awards Ceremony, organized by TMSA, serve as a testament to the continuous growth and development of the marketing profession in Tanzania.

This annual event encourages and inspires professionals to excel and make meaningful contributions to the industry.

The TMSA will continue its commitment to advancing the field of marketing and nurturing a community of marketing experts who lead with distinction.

The Tanzania Marketing and Science Association (TMSA) is a leading professional organization dedicated to the advancement and recognition of excellence in the field of marketing in Tanzania. With a mission to promote best practices, innovation, and collaboration within the marketing community, TMSA is committed to shaping the future of marketing in Tanzania.


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