Study: 80pc of CBE graduates use skills acquired

A TRACER study conducted by the College of Business Education (CBE), in 2022 concerning employment opportunities for graduates has shown that 79.5 per cent of its graduates can use the skills acquired from College in their jobs efficiently.

This was revealed yesterday in Dar es Salaam by the Acting Rector of the college, Prof Edda Lwoga while talking to heads of various organisations and institutions during a breakfast meeting organised by CBE to get their opinions on how to improve the college’s courses.

“This situation shows that CBE is on the right track and will not stop to do improvements, that’s why a meeting like this is important for stakeholders to give their opinion and we appreciate your opinion.

We ask your employees to come to our College because there are ten Master’s degree programmes that are now doing well in the job market,” she said.

She said the research showed that 59.5 per cent of graduates were employed in public and private organisations, while 20 per cent were self-employed but only 20.5 per cent were still looking for employment.

She said for many years, CBE has focused on research and professional consultancy including the provision of business education and that is why in 2017 the college hosted the ‘Applied Research Conference on Africa (ARCA)’ six years ago successfully.

She said ARCA is a big conference in Africa that brings together top experts in development issues that affect the lives of Africans and for three consecutive years the college has been successful in holding the ‘Business and Economic Development Conference (BEDC)’ in Dodoma.

“This brings together various stakeholders and experts to discuss several issues related to economic growth and development.

In this way, CBE has brought about reforms in the communities of Tanzania and Africa in general, it is enough to say that the College is more than teaching business subjects, it will continue to do many more things for the benefit of society,” she said.

She said for 58 years of CBE’s existence, the college is now close to having an area of​​ good business education and skills for anyone who wants to succeed in small, medium and large businesses in Tanzania.

She said CBE was the first College of Business Education in Tanzania which was officially launched by the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere in 1965 and since then the College has continued to focus on providing business education in the country.

Retired CBE Rector, Prof Emmanuel Mjema, said for the past two years the college has been conducting breakfast meetings with CEOs to get feedback from stakeholders as a move to improve their teaching.

“Stakeholders have been advising us about our products, which products should be compatible with the market and we have been taking your feedback very seriously and working on it and it has helped us a lot,” said Prof Mjema.

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