Stranded and you don’t have a smartphone? Worry out! FARAS’ Toll-Free Rides Break Technological Barriers

Smartphones have transformed the way we live and work, but not everyone has one. Recognizing this, FARAS has stepped up to provide an inclusive solution for all Tanzanians.

Its toll-free ride service is a game-changer, breaking down technological barriers.

The toll-free number, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allows anyone, even those without a smartphone or internet access, to book a FARAS ride.

This innovative service is a lifeline for those who may not have access to the latest gadgets but still need reliable and convenient transportation.

Smartphone users, sometimes, face connectivity issues or run out of data, rendering ride-hailing apps inaccessible.

In such situations, FARAS’s toll-free number comes to the rescue, ensuring that no one is left stranded.

FARAS’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is evident. Customers who have benefited from the toll-free service share their stories of relief.

“There have been times when my smartphone died or I had no data left, and I thought I’d have to walk home. But thanks to FARAS’s toll-free number, I got a ride without any hassle,” says one grateful user.

This innovative approach to ride-hailing ensures that everyone can access transportation services when they need them, regardless of their tech resources.

FARAS’s toll-free rides are a prime example of how technology can bridge gaps and improve the lives of all Tanzanians.



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