Sports bodies laud Mandonga for bravery 

THE Minister for Culture, Arts and Sports Mohammed Mchengerwa has congratulated Tanzanian boxer Karimu Mandonga on winning his first international bout  against Kenyan boxer Daniel Wanyonyi in Nairobi, Kenya on Saturday.

Mchengerwa gave his congratulations to Mandonga yesterday through the ministry’s Instagram page. Mandonga said after the bout that he applied a new punching style.

“I really congratulate the Tanzanian boxer Karimu Mandonga for emerging victorious against Kenyan boxer Daniel Wanyonyi who conceded a defeat in the sixth round,” the Minister said.

He also asked other Tanzanian boxers to continue fighting with more spirit like  Mandonga does because boxing is a profession that pays well those who are talented,” he said.

Apart from the Ministry, the National Sports Council (NSC) also hailed Mandonga’s victory  through its Instagram page saying he represented well Tanzanian in the boxing ring.

“We congratulate Karim Mandonga (MTU KAZI) for flying the national flag well during his fight against the Kenyan boxer, Daniel Wanyonyi who was knocked out in the sixth round,” NSC said.

During the fight, Mandonga knocked out his opponent after throwing a series of punches at Wanyonyi head and face.

From the beginning of the fight, it was clear that Mandonga was favourite to win  after landing powerful punches with good guarding skills.

Wanyonyi, despite making great efforts, could not withstand the attacks and was eliminated in the fifth round.

However, in the fifth round, Mandonga punched his opponent who refused to return for the sixth round, thus handing Mandonga the crown.

The victory was a huge boost for Mandonga, who cemented his position as one of the top fighters and created his own personal record.

In his interview after the fight, Mandonga claimed that boxing requires a lot of words and that he will return there in April for another fight.

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