Special groups in Kisarawe District get loans worth 160m/-

LOANS worth more than 160m/- have been released to 29 entrepreneur groups of youths, women and people living with disabilities in Kisarawe District Council for the financial year 2022/2023.

The loans are aimed at enabling the special group to conduct economic activities and earn decent income.

The loans are from Council’s 10 per cent collections as directed by the government that each District Council must allocate 10 per cent of its revenue collections to the mentioned groups.

Speaking at handing over of the loans cheque recently, District’s Community Development Officer, Mr Hoffmann Sanga, reminded the entrepreneurs to use the loans on intended projects and not otherwise.

“I want to caution anyone among you who plans to misuse this money that stern measures will be taken against them for doing so. This money is for enabling you to expand your businesses and  be able to return the money so that other individuals can be able to take the loans as well,” he said.

He went on to say that it was the Government’s intention to see its people have economic breakthrough, be able to expand their income and contribute to country’s economy as well.

For their part, the entrepreneurs expressed their gratitude to the Government through the Council for the loans and promised to make proper use of the loans.

“We are grateful to our Government and our Council for providing us with these loans.  Now we are sure of continuing with our businesses and even start other businesses. We also want to promise to return the loans without complications,” said Zaina Mwingira and Maimuna Dibibi while thanking the Government on behalf of other beneficiaries.

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