‘Shun internal wrangles’

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan on Saturday urged top leaders to shun internal wrangles and put national interests at heart.

Dr Samia challenged top government officials during the closure of a three-day consultative seminar and retreat at the Arusha International Conference, urging the leaders to stop backbiting and instead concentrate on working for Tanzanians.

“There should no longer be any in fights amongst you because that’s not what Tanzanians need,” she insisted.

Dr Samia also urged the top government officials to stop despising each other but have a mutual respect for a common goal.

She rooted for good communication among Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and Deputy PSs, saying it was an essential strategy to good governance.

“Improve effective communication and do away with unnecessary bureaucracies,” she said.

The President challenged the leaders to work diligently while maintaining good relations amongst themselves.

Her assertion comes as a reaffirmation to her decision of reshuffling the cabinet every now and then.

While opening the retreat on Thursday, the President revealed that she was irked by how some of her appointees were engaging and embroiled in rows and clashes, openly at times, leaving her with no choice but to revoke some of her appointments.

Dr Samia reiterated that such changes were bent on strengthening service delivery and the governance of the government machinery, but also government officials to become responsible leaders in the cabinet.

The Head of State said there shouldn’t be any excuses stemming from institutional limitations, and that all government agencies should adhere to their mandates.

Likewise, Dr Samia called on the top government officials to have self-confidence in what they are doing.

“Without self-confidence, there will definitely be limitations,” she said.

Dr Samia called on the leaders to have timely reports on implementation of government projects.

She reminded them that it was no longer business as usual and that every leader in their positions ought to change their mindsets, should they fancy to remain in their respective positions.

Equally, the President urged the civil servants to respect their oaths of office and be mindful of the task that lie ahead the moment they are sworn-in.

In the same vein, the President challenged heads of government institutions and agencies to prepare clear succession plans.

This also entails coming up with innovative ideas that would keep the agencies afloat.

“Develop human resources while applying more technology and innovations such as Artificial Intelligence…I want people with new ideas,” she insisted.

Dr Samia said she had received recommendations of holding similar retreats in the near future, with a view of nurturing and mentoring leaders.

“There’s a suggestion that such consultative seminars should be held regularly on other cadres in the government to increase productivity,” the President said.

While opening the consultative seminar here on Thursday, Dr Samia suggested that a long hiatus to holding such a retreat was among reasons that exposed weaknesses among ministerial leaders.

Such weakness has seen the civil servants engaging in unnecessary conflicts, thus compromising government’s efficiency in their places of work, the President argued.

The last consultative seminar for Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Permanent Secretaries was held in 2006 under President Jakaya Kikwete’s administration at the erstwhile five-star Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge.

Thereafter followed consultative seminars for Regional Commissioners, District Commissioners and DEDs which neither lasted for long.

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