Sesame farmers pocket 72bn/- in three weeks

MTWARA: SESAME farmers in Mtwara Region have pocketed 72.2bn/- after selling the crop through commodity exchange in the last three weeks.

Through Tanzania Mercantile Exchange (TMX) platformme, the farmers sold 22,105,848 kilogrammes of the crop in three auctions since the season started mid-last month.

“The sesame was sold by Mtwara, Masasi and Nanyumbu Cooperative Union (MAMCU) in three sesame auctions conducted since the launch of TMX platform,” said Hussein Bwanaali, Acting Chief Accountant of MAMCU on behalf of his General Manager.

Since mid-last month, the three auctions through the TMX attracted a large number of sesame growers due to their price transparency and ease to follow.

“Since the launch of TMX, we are experiencing a good response from sesame growers as the platform allows farmers to openly and directly observe the bidding process,” said Mr Bwanaali.

The government launched the first sesame auction through the TMX in Lake Zone in May. In the southern part, the exchange was launched mid-last year.

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Additionally, sesame growers in Nanyamba Town Council, Mtwara were pleased with the exchange after seeing the price rise.

“Sesame growers are pleased and welcomed TMX. The platform is transparent and offers competitive prices. The prices are compensating our sweat,” Mr Said Ally a sesame grower in Nanyamba said.

The farmers were speaking during an auction conducted by MAMCU last weekend at Nanyamba Town Council.

The prices offered during the TMX latest auction were between 3,350/- and 3,407/- per kilogramme.

“We are happy to see that the prices are increasing after each auction,” said Mr Ally.

According to MAMCU recording, the previous prices were between 2,902/- and 3,310/-per kg.

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