Sagini: Joint efforts needed to protect children against road accidents

Dar es Salaam: HOME Affairs Deputy Minister Jumanne Sagini has called upon members of the public to protect children from road accidents.

Mr Sagini made the statement yesterday in his speech read by Assistant Director of Settlement and Camp Management, Police Commissioner Nsato Marijani (Office of Refugee Services – Ministry of Home Affairs) during the launch of ‘Be Road Safe Africa’ Campaign organised by Puma Energy Tanzania in partnership with Amend Tanzania.

The Deputy Minister said the community has an obligation to participate in the child protection while at home and school.

He stressed the role of road safety education to enable the minors to understand more about road signs.

“I would like to encourage the whole community to participate in this campaign to ensure the safety of our children when they go to schools,” said Mr Sagini.

He added that the road accidents have been a challenge in the country since they claim lives of thousands of Tanzanians, with the youth and children being major victims.

He, therefore, argued that the campaign will help in the promotion of the children’s protection.

According to the police statistics, last year at least 1,720 road-related fatalities occurred with 1,545 people losing their lives while 2,278 were injured, with children remaining the most of victims.

The campaign launched is aimed at empowering the children and improving their safety on the roads where road traffic injuries affect many children every year.

Puma’s Board Chairman, Dr Selemani Majige, said the programme is vital for the safety of children and the whole community.

“We are pleased to introduce this programme with the purpose of rescuing our students from road accidents,” said Dr Majige.

Puma’s Managing Director, Ms Fatma Abdallah said the aim is to educate the pupils, to begging with the campaign will be conducted in five selected schools in Dar es Salaam including Kibugumo primary, Kifuru primary, Kibasila primary, Mtambani primary and Msewe primary to enable them recognise road signs and be able to use them.

She said the programme has been a continuation of the successful plan under the Puma energy implemented by the Amend Tanzania between 2013 and 2020 and of recent the programme managed to reach more than 130,000 children in more than 115 schools across the country.

“Road safety has been our company’s first priority and we are obligated to promote community safety since our customers are from the communities,” said Ms Abdallah.

She added that road carnage is the number one cause of death to children aged over five years thus, the initiative by the two organisations will benefit children who are at high risk compared to other groups.

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