Rwanda focus on nuclear energy to boost power supply

Russia, St Petersburg Rwanda is considering a five-year plan that will see the East Africa country with 100 percent of power supply, says the CEO of the Rwanda Atomic Energy Board, Fidel Ndahayo.

Ndahayo revealed the plans during an ongoing discussion on St Petersburg in Russia on the outlook for the development of peaceful atom in the African region and possible ways of cooperation in this area.

He says, ROSATOM along with Rwanda are co-operating and strengthening the relationship and giving a chance to Rwanda to have reliable power supply.

“We need to look not only at traditional energy sources. We would like to consider the use of nuclear energy to meet our needs…

“….We need reliability and stability, and nuclear power seems to be a very important solution, an important source, which is why we have embarked on this path,” says Ndahayo.

According to the Rwanda Atomic Energy Board, a bout 70 per cent of the Rwanda’s population have access to electricity.

The Second Summit Russia–Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum is the highest-profile and largest-scale event in Russian–African relations, aimed at bringing about a fundamentally new level of mutually beneficial partnership to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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