RPCs for joint manhunt on SGR sabotagers

REGIONAL Police Commanders (RPCs) from three regions have declared a joint special operation on Mwanza-Isaka Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) in search for thieves stealing fuel and construction materials.

The police regional bosses from Mwanza, Shinyanga and Simiyu vowed to tackle such crimes which sabotage the smooth construction of the Lot 5 of the SGR.

To start with, earlier on Friday the three Regional Commanders visited the construction camp at the Malampaka area located in Maswa District to see the security situation in the area.

Speaking immediately after arriving at the SGR construction camp, Mwanza Regional Police commander (RPC), SACP Chief Wilbroad Mutafungwa said the operation also aims to arrest those who buy or store stolen materials as well as individuals who cooperate with dishonest workers in sabotaging the railway infrastructures.

SACP Mutafungwa underlined that the unscrupulous individuals will be arrested and brought before law.

“As we speak right now…our officers in all three regions through cooperation with citizens have continued to carry out a very strong operation…the operation intends to arrest those who receive stolen properties, who collaborate with dishonest workers to steal construction materials and sell them on the streets,” Mwanza RPC added.

Simiyu Regional Police commander Blasius Chatanda insisted that protecting the railway infrastructures needs joint efforts between citizens, police forces, and workers at construction camps.

“We need to join forces and fight together to ensure that the railway infrastructure is not undermined,” Simiyu RPC underlined.

Speaking on the same occasion, the RPC from Shinyanga region, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Janeth Magomi said the operation will be sustainable to ensure that the railway infrastructure is protected.

“All of us will continue to collaborate to ensure that the railway infrastructure is not vandalized, as you can see, a lot of work is being done, the stolen construction materials are being seized…this exercise will be sustainable,” Shinyanga RPC said.

On his part, the Railway Police Commander Sebastian Mbuta revealed that a total of 21 suspects have been arrested over involvement in theft of SGR  equipment including fuel and conduction materials.

Apart from that , the Railway Commander said from January to December last year they succeeded to seize five motorcycles that were abandoned by criminals in various thievery incidents.

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