Respect for user privacy, key to fully connected, intelligent world – Huawei

Despite processing and warehousing ever increasing quantity of data, Huawei says its fundamental commitment to the respect and protection of user privacy is unwavering as this is critical to allowing people securely enjoy a fully connected, intelligent world.

The Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), realized the need for a regulation on data protection in Nigeria and issued the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (“the Regulation”) on January 25, 2019. The Regulation has established strict compliance requirements on Nigerian companies and companies operating within Nigeria.

Huawei says it has established a Global Cyber Security and User Privacy Protection Committee (GSPC) that acts as the company’s highest authority on privacy protection in order to comply with the law.

“Privacy by design/default. We incorporate privacy protection requirements into all business processes and activities” Mr. Osita Iweze, Huawei Nigeria’s head, Cyber Security Officer said.

“Consistent Public Internet Access (PIA) mechanism to effectively identify and control risks and internal and external audits show Huawei’s privacy protection is systematically and effectively embedded. So if it is said that Huawei doesn’t preserve the privacy of their customers, you should know they are actually trying to hide under that to achieve other commercial or political agendas.

“Huawei organizes enablement training on privacy protection for all employees, managers, high-risk groups, etc. to enable them obtain professional certification and awareness to improve professional privacy protection capabilities.0

“Huawei works with industry and partners to explore ways to overcome digital world privacy challenges, to build a common understanding. They are partnering with the likes of Arravo looking at different layers of authentication to boost the privacy of customers,” Iweze said.

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