Relief for motorists as fuel prices drop

The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) has published Capi prices for petroleum products, applicable in Tanzania Mainland showing significant drop compared to August.

According to the regulator: “These wholesale and retail prices are applicable effective Wednesday, 7th September 2022.”

The prices of oil in the World Market for July 2022 decreased compared to the prices for

June 2022. Hence, the fuel prices in the local market decreased as well at a range

between TZS 271/litre and TZS 362/litre for petrol and by TZS 430/litre for kerosene

compared with the subsidized prices of August 2022. For the case of diesel, except for

diesel in Tanga whose price decreased by TZS 13/litre, the September 2022 prices

increased by TZS 37/litre and TZS 86/litre for Dar es Salaam and Mtwara, respectively, compared to the subsidized prices of August 2022.

“To continue reducing the effect of increasing fuel prices to the country whereby most of the economic activities depend on diesel and also reducing a gap between petrol and diesel prices, the Government has issued a subsidy of TZS 65 billion for the September 2022 fuel prices,” the regulator statement says.

The Government intervention by issuing the subsidy has reduced the petroleum products prices for September be 2022 as shown in the Table 1

Fuel prices fall in Tanzania

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