Relief as project constructs new latrines for pupils

MWANZA: PUPILS at Mabuki Primary School in Misungwi could now breathe a sigh of relief as construction of new latrines has been completed.

The construction was implemented under the 15.5m/- latrine pits sub-project for girls in the school, thanks to government and stakeholders.

The construction was part of a-three-year (2022-2023) ‘Disability Inclusive Development Task Order 51 (DID-TO51)’ project, which is implemented by the Tanzanian government in collaboration with other stakeholders, including Sense International, ADD International, as well as Tanzania Cheshire Foundation, at a tune of 629,611 Pounds from the United Kingdom government.

Sense International Director, Ms Naomi Lugoe, said the-sub-project has also involved seven classrooms’ renovation, mostly improvements of the floor, stairs, as well as blackboard and walls painting.

“We appreciate Mabuki residents’ fully contribution in all these activities, mostly workforce, through local government leaders and the school committee,” she said.

The whole project that was implemented in Misungwi and some parts of Shinyanga Region, was also for improvements of Education Support Resource and Assessment Centres (ESRACs) in various schools.

The Centres are mostly for screening, identification and assessment of children with disabilities to determine the individual learning needs, proper placement and support in schools and other related services.

The project targets at-least 1,880 children with disabilities, with about 250 being identified, so far, and attended the Misungwi-based Mitindo ESRAC for services, affirmed the Director.

President’ Office- Regional Administrative and Local government authorities (PO-RALG) Representative, Ms Anna Mark, commented that the project’s objectives are part of the 2021-2026 National Inclusive strategic Plan.

The Plan is set to, among others, make sure that even children with severe disabilities have access to education while at their homes, with special teachers visiting them at-least thrice a week.

She called on members of the public to avoid keeping children with disabilities indoors.

The Head Teacher for Mabuki Primary School, Ms Perus Chacha, expressed her gratitude to project implementers, given the fact that previously only six latrine pits that were not enough for the available number of 1,263 pupils.

On behalf of her fellow girls, a-class six pupil, Rehema John, commented that support was most important because the majority of pupils with disabilities were prone to outbreak diseases, following unfriendly environments in old latrine pits.

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