Relief as petrol prices slightly drop

DAR ES SALAAM: MOTORISTS will pay less for petrol and slightly higher for diesel as the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) on Wednesday reviewed the prices according to changes in the world market.

Some motorists have expressed different feelings following the new rates, saying it will help to stabilize their fuel budget. EWURA announced on Wednesthat retail prices of petrol in Dar es Salaam has seen a decline of 51/-, while diesel prices increased slightly by 03/- per litre.

According to EWURA, consumers in Dar es Salaam this month will purchase petrol at a retail price of 3,210/- per litre down from 3,261/- as sold last month and will be required to pay 3115/- for diesel compared to 3112/- they paid per litre in June.

Unlike diesel and petrol, the price for kerosene in Dar es Salaam has clung at 3,261/- consecutively for two months as it was in June.

In Tanga Region, petrol prices have increased to 3,210/- per litre from 3,263/- in June, while diesel declined to 3,124/- per litre from 3,121 /- last month, with kerosene price remaining at 3,307/-.

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A Dar e salaam entrepreneur, Mr Elkana Henga expressed his concerns as the fuel price fluctuates.

Mr Henga said that despite the decrease in petrol, the price is still high beyond their consumer capacity to use and benefit. He said the slight drop has a little relief and its impact on small entrepreneurs like him is minimal.

He said he will still incur high cost in getting some products and accessing services.

“Fuel prices have been fluctuating, going up and down, and even when the prices decline, the changes have been minimal. We have continued to see the prices of many other things increasing, for example, transport fares.

The fares have gone up, not just for Uber or Bolt, but also for public buses as well. If this price could at least decrease by 500/-, for petrol, we would be able to get real relief,” Said Mr Henga.

According to EWURA, changes in the prices of petroleum products this month is attributed to a decrease in world oil prices by an average of 5.92 per cent for petrol, and 0.65 per cent for diesel, with no changes for kerosene.

Furthermore, the authority attributed the depreciation of the Tanzanian Shilling against the US dollar by 0.6per cent, an increase in premiums for the importation of petroleum products by an average of 1.60 per cent for petrol and 3.35 per cent for diesel at Dar es Salaam Port.

A motorcycle rider ‘bodaboda’ in Dar es Salaam, Mr Hamid Abdallah said that it is important for the prices to drop more, so that it can be easier to run their businesses and generate satisfactory profits.

“From my perspective, I think these prices should continue to decrease and drop further, so that it could be easier for us to generate a decent profit.

When the prices only decrease a little bit and then increase again, it becomes difficult to make profit, we spend a lot on petrol,” said Mr Abdallah.

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