President tasks Kitila on new planning ministry

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has tasked the newly established Ministry of Planning and Investment to ensure good coordination of the three areas under the docket (Treasury Registrar, Tanzania Investment Centre and Planning Commission) to fast track the country’s development and increase efficiency.

The Head of State issued the directives in Dar es Salaam on Friday after administering an oath of office to the newly appointed ministers, their deputies and other government officials.

She told the new Minister for Planning and Investment Prof Kitila Mkumbo that the ministry is crucial and he has the task to ensure good linkage between the government and all sectors.

“Minister Kitila, you have been given the new ministry which comprises three areas, which are Treasury Registrar, Tanzania Investment Centre and Planning Commission which are crucial in the development of the country,” she said.

The President added: “I have no doubt with you because you are experienced in investment issues … you should be a good commissioner and coordinator to allow the three areas to function properly,”. She said that if the ministry will have good coordination in the areas, it will speed up the country’s development and increase efficiency. Dr Samia also stressed on the importance of being vigilant in making decisions.

“We are not going to make try and errors, we are going to make proper decisions, you have a huge task ahead.” She said that the government has been facing criticism through online platforms, thus the ministry should also look into possibilities of recruiting people who it thinks can contribute to the development of the planning commission.

The president said development is a human right issue and is inevitable thus the country’s development requires planning. Dr Samia urged them to come up with recommendations which will be beneficial to the country.

“As I have said, development is a human right, thus it is the right for Tanzanians to get development, and at the moment we are the ones who have been entrusted to bring development to them…we should think, propose and fulfil our responsibilities,” she said.

Dr Samia further tasked the ministry to prioritise development of human resources in its plans. In planning issues, more efforts have been directed to financial resources but the country has not done enough on development of human resources.

She said human resources development has been highlighted in the government plans and vision but it has not been given enough push.

On his part, Vice-President Dr Philip Mpango directed Prof Mkumbo to cooperate with the private sector, National Bureau of Statistics, Bank of Tanzania, Financial technology (Fintech) and higher learning institutions in making developmental changes.

Dr Mpango said, “The minister should make follow-ups on the strategic development plans of the country and look at how far it goes while comparing Tanzania’s position with other countries.

Those who were sworn in included Dr Ashatu Kijaji as Minister for Industry and Trade, Dr Mwigulu Nchemba as the Minister for Finance, Mr Lawrence Mafuru as Executive Secretary of the National Planning Commission and Elijah Mwandumbya as the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance (Economic Management).

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