President Mwinyi stresses reforms to attain goals

ZANZIBAR: President Dr Hussein Mwinyi has said that his government is committed to carrying out reforms in different sectors including education in order to achieve its objectives.

Dr Mwinyi expressed the commitment here yesterday during his meeting with European Union (EU) senior officers at the State House.

“We appreciate what the EU has been doing for Tanzania including its great contribution in Global Partnership for Education (GPE),” he told Mr Martin Seychell- Deputy Director-General of the Directorate-General for International Partnerships at the European Commission.

According to a press statement issued by the State House, GPE’s support improved Zanzibar’s education sector at all levels from primary, secondary to universities.

Dr Mwinyi explained that despite the existing challenges in the education sector, Zanzibar government has been working hard, with support from EU and GPE, to find solutions to the problems.

The Isles President explained: “We have been recording successes in education including reducing congestion in classrooms, employing teachers, purchasing teaching equipment, and improving education infrastructure.”

In response Mr Martin Seychell commended Dr Mwinyi and the Zanzibar government for the efforts it has been taking in improving education sector, underlining that “education remains key to economic growth and development.”

He said Zanzibar is one of more than 30 developing countries in the world that benefit from educational opportunities, including ICT training for teachers and support programmes for schoolgirls.

EU through GPE provides education funding to various stakeholders with the aim of improving education systems including enrolment in schools.

He said GPE also brings together developing countries, donors, international organisations, civil society organisations, teachers’ organisations, the private sector and the public to discuss ways to improve education.

Meanwhile, Dr Mwinyi also held separate meetings with senior officers from Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism led by Head of the Ministry’s Foreign Affairs, Mr Abdullah Eren.

Dr Mwinyi said that Zanzibar has focused on bringing major reforms in all sectors of development, leading to embarking on capacity building and training of its workforce for efficiency and contributing better to economic growth.

“Our reforms also require skilled personnel that is why we need scholarships to have our staff trained. Turkey Institute for Scholarships (YTB) is in a better position to provide the scholarships,” he said.

He said the good relations with Turkey have been extended to the construction industry with many various government projects such as roads improvement, construction of Amani Stadium and education, health and housing projects undertaken by Turkey firms including the “Orkun” company.

Dr Mwinyi thanked the Turkish government for the good cooperation it provides to Zanzibar government and Tanzania in general.

Mwinyi also praised Turkey for having many investors in Tanzania as well as various companies operating in the country and that companies have developed a good partnership with the governments.

Turkey’s Eren promised President Dr Mwinyi, that his government will continue providing scholarships to Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar, and that Zanzibar should expect more scholarships following his talks with Zanzibar Minister for education and Vocational Training Ms Lela Mohamed Mussa.

The Turkish Ambassador to Tanzania, Dr Mehmet Gulluoglu, commenced Dr Mwinyi for good leadership and asked the President to provide room for Turkey to establish a digital museum that will involve issues of history and culture to attract more tourists.

He explained that the opportunity for digital museums will also increase in tourists and many investment and business opportunities in the country.

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