Police intercept SGR’s 850 litres of diesel

MWANZA Regional police have  rescued 850 litres of stolen diesel linked to the ongoing construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR)’s  Lot Five from Mwanza to Isaka.

The statement issued over the weekend by the Mwanza Regional Police Commander RPC Wilbroad Mtafungwa said  the operation carried out  by the police was successful after enabled to recover fuel used in the  SGR project.

The statement revealed that on February 4, 2022 at Mantare Street in Magu District the Police Force arrested Mr Wilbert Constantine (30) in connection with possession of 140 litres of diesel filled in seven  jerry cans hidden in the small residential house.

On the same day in evening the police in Kwimba District conducted an operation in areas surrounding the SGR Projects before finding 16 jerrycans filled with a total of 320 litres of diesel hidden at   Safari Peranya’s farm owned by Constantine.

On January 17 this year, at Ibungilo Street in Kwimba District, the police arrested Mr Paschal Abdallah (20) with his motorcycle numbered MC.949 CYC carrying 190 litres of diesel.

Again, in the similar operation undertaken in Kwimba District the police   intercepted a motorcycle with registration number 791 DGS carrying nine  jerry cans filled with 200 litres of diesel. The owner of the motorbike escaped after suspecting that police were in the operation.

However, police were forced to arrest Mr Stephano Jacob, a resident of Shinyanga Region, who was suspected to be an accomplice to Abdallah in stealing 190 litres of diesel.

Mr Mtafungwa said the police were still carrying out the operation in all areas surrounding the project to dismantle the chain of thievery, warning severe legal measures against those engaging in sabotaging the SGR project.

He further urged citizens to accord full cooperation to police by reporting any evil acts , including those linked with sabotaging the project.

The construction of the 341-km Mwanza – Isaka Standard-Gauge Railway (SGR) is undertaken by China Civil Engineering Construction (CCEC) and China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) at the cost of 3tri/-, which is fully funded by the government. The project is expected to accelerate the country economic growth.

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