PM directs swift completion of projects in Iringa Region

IRINGA: PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has directed that all government-funded projects in Iringa district and municipality councils must be completed within this year to promptly begin serving the local population.

Majaliwa issued this directive on Monday during a public address at Mwembetogwa Stadium in Iringa town, emphasizing that effective governance hinges on the dedication of public servants who actively monitor citizens’ needs across all sectors.

“Under President Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan’s leadership, our government remains committed to addressing the needs of our citizens.

We have engaged District Councils nationwide to ensure direct outreach to villages, where community issues are identified and solutions promptly initiated,” Majaliwa affirmed.

During his four-day working visit to the region, the Prime Minister provided a platform for deputy ministers and Members of Parliament to outline the progress of government projects in Iringa.

Earlier, Regional Commissioner Peter Serukamba expressed gratitude for substantial government allocations across vital sectors such as water, health, education, roads, telecommunications, and energy.

Highlighting infrastructure developments, Serukamba detailed upcoming tarmac road projects, including Ipogolo to Kilolo (33 km), Mafinga to Mgololo (80 km), the Iringa Bypass (7.3 km), and enhancements to the Kitonga Mountain road (7 km).

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“We have also secured 50 billion shillings through TARURA (Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency) to bolster rural road networks,” Serukamba added.

Regarding telecommunications, Serukamba reported significant progress, noting that as of June 2024, only 11 out of 360 villages in Iringa lack mobile phone coverage, down from 22 in 2021.

He listed the remaining villages as Ihimbo, Chogo, Ukami, Uhafiwa, Mpangatazara, Kitumbuka, Mwambao, Itimbo, Makota, Masisiwe, and Mgowelo.

On the electricity front, Serukamba disclosed that the government has allocated 71.05bn/- for electricity projects in Iringa Regio, achieving full coverage across all 360 villages in the region

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