Over 800 drug addicts undergo integrated services

TANZANIA Health Promotion Support (THPS) has registered over 800 Persons Who Inject Drugs (PWID) in the country to undergo integrated services, including opioid substitution (Methadone) therapy.

Executive Director of THPS Dr Redempta Mbatia   said that the registered people are currently receiving treatment and management services in therapy clinics in Tumbi and Bagamoyo in Coast Region.

Ms Mbatia made the revelation during the AIDS awareness week organised in Lindi Region ahead of World AIDS Day which is marked on every December 1st.

She said PWID are among the groups reached out by THPS in the provision of HIV epidemic control and treatment services.

“Provision of integrated services to people who inject drugs is part of our activities that we do in the efforts of preventing HIV/AIDS,” she said, noting that PWID have high risk of getting or transmitting HIV to others.

According to studies, risk of getting or transmitting HIV is very high to PWID if HIV-negative person uses injection equipment that someone with HIV has used because needles, syringes or other injection equipment used to have blood in them which carry HIV.

Dr Mbatia said PWID are supported through Afya Hatua Project implemented by THPS in Kigoma and Coast Region.

“TPHS implements six donor funded projects, including Afya Hatua Project (2021-2026) which is implemented in Kigoma and Coast Region,” she said.

THPS through Afya Hatua supports the government in efforts of reaching HIV control program through supporting comprehensive facility and community based HIV prevention, care and treatment.

Dr Mbatia mentioned other projects implemented by THPS in the country as National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) Strengthening project (2018-2023), Mlango II Global Fund KVP Project (2021-2023), USAID Uhuru Tuberculosis and Family Facility Solutions Local Organization Network (LON) activity (2020-2025).

Others are USAID/PEPFAR Police and Prisons Activity (2020-2025) and CDC/DGMQ Strengthening COVID 19 Vaccine Delivery Among Refugee settings in Tanzania (2022-2024).

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