Over 5000 Mwanza residents get TBS education on standards

MORE than 5,440 people from five districts of Mwanza region have been provided with education on various issues related to standards and procedures to be followed so as to secure quality mark of standard.

The education was provided by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) from 5th to 19th September this year in the districts; namely Sengerema (Sengerema Main Market), Kwimba (Bungulwa Auction), Misungwi (Misasai Auction), Ilemela (Kitangiri Market) and Magu (Kisesa Market)

Speaking here after completion of the campaign, the TBS Public Relations and Marketing Manager, Ms Gladness Kaseka said that during the period they raised awareness to public on various obligations performed by the bureau, particularly on standards.

“Through this campaign we have been able to reach 5,446 people after following them in their places where they conduct various economic activities including markets, auctions and other public places,” she said.

Ms Kaseka said during the period they also provided education on standards to various entrepreneurs groups including 96 women entrepreneurs in Mwanza Region.

“We informed entrepreneurs on procedures needed to get license of using quality mark of standard and how it can help them penetrate wide domestic and foreign markets,” she said.

Furthermore, she said TBS provided education to entrepreneurs on things required to be done in order to produce goods that meet the country’s standards.

She said they used the opportunity to provide awareness to the ‘wananchi’ on the need to buy certified goods by TBS, checking expiry dates of the goods and how to communicate with bureau for airing their views and challenges.

She said they also told citizens to report immediately to the TBS when they come across expiry products in the market and those which have been banned for use in the country.

“Citizens have thanked the organization for seeing the need to provide them with such information on standards because they have been facing major challenges, but they did not know what to do.  But for now and for themselves, they have promised to get into a war of cheap goods because they are able to contact TBS, as they know we are there,” she said.

The manager noted that the government has been putting more efforts to build strong economy that is sustainable and it is from this backdrop that TBS is continuing to provide education to producers and consumers on the need to abide to quality standards.

She explained further that the certification services of goods produced by entrepreneurs are done by TBS free of charge. Entrepreneurs, she expounded, are required to get an introductory letter from Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) and from there TBS starts the certification process.

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