Nyerere Hockey tournament gathers storm

KILIMANJARO: SIX hockey teams from Mailand and Zanzibar have confirmed their participation in a fierce chase for this year’s Nyerere Hockey Cup tournament that is officially set to kick off tomorrow at Sikh Community ground in Moshi District, Kilimanjaro Region.

The three-day tournament that brings together teams from Mainland and Zanzibar will climax on Sunday at the same venue.

The tournament has been jointly organised by hosts Moshi Sikh Club and Tanzania Hockey Association (THA) under the sponsorship of the Sikh Community of Moshi, according to THA Chairman, Kaushiki Doshi.

“All the preparation has been done and teams will be arriving on Thursday ready for the tournament,” said Doshi.

The annual tournament among others, Doshi said, aims to honour Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

He stressed that the six men’s confirmed teams have been pooled into two groups – A and B and will be battling it out for the top honour.

Doshi named Group A teams as Kili Vijanas of Moshi, Zanzibar Nyuki, and Arusha Twigas, while Group B consists of Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) of Dar es Salaam, Tanga Stars and hosts Moshi Khalsas.

“All the teams are ready for this tournament. Once again, no foreign teams have been invited,” he said.

The tournament battle rages on Friday with four matches set to take Moshi by storm.

The opening match is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. when TPDF plays hosts Moshi Khalsas, and then Kili Vijanas will lock horns with Zanzibar Nyuki. At the same time, Moshi Khalsas will return to face Tanga Stars before Kili Vijanas test their skills against Arusha Twigas.

The THA chairman complemented the Sikh Community of Moshi who have been continuously sponsoring the event, making it easy for them to bring to life.

“We cannot do without sponsors and sports well-wishers support, I want to thank them for their tireless support as this is a very important platform in rediscovering talent, developing and promoting the game,” he said.

Black Mambaz of Dar es Salaam clinched the last edition of the 2022 Nyerere Cup tournament.

Black Mambazi won the first-ever title by a 3-1 penalties shootout in an exciting final against the host team of Moshi Khalsa after they went 1-1 draw after normal time.

However, Doshi said this time around, the defending champions Black Mambaz will not be there to defend the title.

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