Nyanzaga Gold showcases compensation house sample to displaced people

SOTTA Mining Corporation (SMC) – developer of the Nyanzaga Gold Project, yesterday unveiled a house sample for people displaced to pave the way for Nyanzaga Gold Mine establishment.

SMC is a joint venture between the government holding a 16 per cent and Nyanzaga Mining Company with 84 per cent of shares. The Later is a subsidiary of Ore-Corp Tanzania. The two will develop the 1.1tri/- gold mine south of Ngoma in the Sengerema District of Mwanza region.

The complete built house sample is the replica of the structure the mining firm will compensate the householders as the resettlement action plan (RAP), according to a statement.

“Each household will be offered in-kind compensation in the form of replacement housing. Upon request from the project-affected people, the sample replacement house was constructed to ensure that project-affected people are fully informed before they choose their form of compensation,” the statement said.

The statement said 725 households will be impacted by physical and economic displacement, with an estimated 452 households due to be relocated as part of the RAP.

SMC’s General Manager, Mr Damien Valente, said once the viewing process is complete, the firm will donate the house to the Nyabila village to serve as the village council office.

“Praised the host community for their exemplary and continued cooperation,” Mr Valente said.

The RAP was undertaken in line with international performance standards, and the miner is offering a like-for-like replacement to households that will be impacted.

The sample house that was unveiled at Nyabila was one of the 10 architectural options that have been developed for project-affected people to view.

The mining project is now on track to be the first large-scale gold mine to be built in the country in over a decade and the first-ever large-scale mine in the Sengerema. The mine was granted a special mining licence in December 2021.

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