Ntorya-Madimba gas pipeline construction to start soon 

CONSTRUCTION of a 35-kilometre gas pipeline from Ntorya Gas Reserve to Madimba Gas Processing Plant in Mtwara Region is set to start soon, Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) has said.

The move comes after the corporation finalised the process of compensating 255 people set to vacate their land to  pave way for construction of the pipeline.

“The construction of the pipeline is set to start anytime from now–because the pipeline is very crucial towards the production of energy in the country,” he said.

Mr  Jacob Haule made the revelation here during the process to finalise the compensation payment to the last batch of 19 eligible persons to vacate their lands for the project.

“We are here to settle the compensation payment of 19 people who had remained,” he said noting that TPDC provided 437m/- to pay the compensation of some 255 eligible persons whose land have been taken to construct the pipeline.

Speaking here, some of the “wananchi” lined to pave way for construction of the pipeline, highly thanked TPDC for ensuring smooth and timely payment of their compensation.

“We really appreciate the way TPDC cooperated with us as they conducted the process right from the beginning when they introduced the project to us (‘Wananchi’) to date, we have  not had any problem so far,” said Hassan Mohammed one of the beneficiaries of the compensation.

One Fatma Abdalla said TPDC conducted the process fairly by ensuring that each and every one lined to vacate his/her piece of land was satisfied with way the corporation conducting the process to settle their compensation.

“I did not experience any problem during the process, the corporation (TPDC) explained to us well how each and every one was supposed to be paid basing on the size of the land provided by each,” she said.

Mtendachi Village Executive Officer Muhidin Ally said the plan to construct the pipeline through the village was crucial as the villagers will benefit from social and economic opportunities to come along during and after the construction of the pipeline.

“One of the benefits is that various youth from our village and other concerned Village will get opportunities to be offered job opportunities, especially during the construction process, women and other people will have the opportunity to sell food and other staff during the implementation of the project,” he said.

The construction of the gas pipeline from Ntorya Gas Reserve to Madimba Gas Processing Plant involves passing through five wards and eleven villages in Mtwara District Council.

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