NSC: Support Uni Awards, it is fortune

THE government has committed to supporting youth talents at the University level by organising the Inter-University talent awards for two years in a row.

That was revealed by the National Arts Council Executive Secretary Kedmon Mapana during the fourth season Awards 2022  ceremony for university students with various talents that were held in Dar es Salaam recently.

“Due to the importance of the awards, the Government has been sponsoring the entire event for two years now intending to bring out the various talents of young people, especially those in college,” said Mapana.

Speaking at the awarding ceremony, Mapana said in the fourth phase the government has offered many opportunities through the culture and art sectors which have been able to employ many young people at the same time.

Mapana said it is the right time to invest in the art sector to grow the economy as the industry has been created a good environment by the President and the leaders of the Ministry.

He also said that the government has promised to continue cooperating with the organisers of the Uni Awards so that they reach the international level and not the national level as it is now.

“Tanzania has been doing well in the arts in East Africa and Africa in general as we have recently witnessed some Tanzanian artists have emerged prominently in the AFRIMA awards 2022 including Nasibu Abdul (Diamond), Raymond Shaban (Rayvan), Zuhura Othman (Zuchu) and Mrisho Mpoto (Mjomba).

Mapana added that this sector has increased the country’s output by 19 per cent, so it should not be neglected unless emphasis is placed on creativity, as it is believed that Tanzania will double artistically after Nigeria at the moment.

On her side, the Award Coordinator, Shine Basil, has thanked the government for their commitment to ensuring that the celebration takes place.

Also, Shine said Uniaward have had great meaning for the students as it has been bringing together young people from various colleges in the country, thus building a solid foundation for them to find employment in the Art sector.

“On behalf of the awards coordinators, we are asking the government and various stakeholders of arts in the country to continue to cooperate with us in the activities of organising these awards so that young people can achieve their goals,” said Shine.

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