TANZANIA, Arusha THE government is determined to delist some of its non performing entities.

According to Vice-President, Dr Philip Mpango, the government will not hesitate to expunge agencies and other parastatals that have failed to deliver as per the expectations.

Dr Mpango argued that such institutions and other public entities were proving to be a burden to the government.

“Officials from public entities that fall under this category should pull up their socks,” the VP warned, while inaugurating the state-of-the-art commercial   residential building, here yesterday.

Addressing hundreds of Arusha residents including officials from public sector, the Vice-President hailed Tanzania Buildings Agency (TBA) for designing and constructing the eleven-storey-building, challenging other government agencies to follow suit.

Dr Mpango said the construction of the commercial residential building in Arusha is part of TBA’s 2022-2026 strategic plan of building 10,000 housing units.

“This is in line with TBA’s plan of operating itself through creating sustainable sources of its revenues,” he said.

According to Dr Mpango, the government had also given TBA a green light to seek partnership from the private sector. “This is what the PPP agenda entails,” he added.

Standing opposite the iconic Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC), the commercial residential building also dwarfs both, the Regional Immigration Offices and the Prisons Department.

Detailing on the project, TBA’s Chief Executive Officer Arch Daudi Kandoro said the building was constructed at a cost of 6.8 billion.

According to Kandoro, the building sits on 3,838 square metres of land with 22 housing units.

“Our facility consists of 22 houses and every housing unit sits on 175 square metres each, with three bedrooms including a kitchen,” he explained.

The government agency has also installed high tech equipment into the building such as doors that are operated digitally.

“This would mean, defaulting tenants will be denied access into the building,” said the TBA boss.

In his rejoinder, Works and Transport Minister Prof Makame Mbarawa, said the commercial residential project by TBA is part of the implementation of CCM’s manifesto.

He described the building as a reliable source of revenue, urging TBA to make sure that it completes all construction projects around the country.

TBA is a government executive agency under the Ministry of Works and Transport with a primary mandate of providing quality accommodation to government and public servants as well as building consultancy services to the government.

The agency’s functions include construction and maintenance of government buildings as well as provision of electrical and building consultancy service to the government. The agency also is responsible for the allocation of grade B government houses to public servants.


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