NMB to serve 800,000 customers at ‘Sabasaba’ Fair

DAR ES SALAAM: NMB Bank has opened a branch at the ‘Sabasaba’ grounds to serve more than 800,000 domestic and foreign customers, including handling various government payments.

Speaking on friday at the ongoing 48th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) at Mwalimu Nyerere Fairgrounds on Kilwa Road in Dar es Salaam, NMB Dar es Salaam Zone Manager, Mr Frednand Mpona, announced that the branch will be operational 24 hours a day throughout the exhibition period.

Mr. Mpona encouraged businesspeople (exhibitors) and visitors to visit the branch for business loan services, including loans for farming, investment, and agriculture.

“As we know, this is a commercial exhibition, and we have planned to provide credit services especially to traders, breeders, farmers, and those who want to invest,” Mr. Mpona emphasized.

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He mentioned that NMB offers loans for agricultural inputs at an interest rate of 9%.

“We will provide business and investment input loans starting from one million shillings and above, with no upper limit, depending on the business plan’s requirements,” said Mr. Mpona.

Additionally, he stated that NMB aims to attract 5,000 new customers who will open various accounts starting with a minimum deposit of 1,000 shillings.

“There are investment opportunities, and we will be providing loans for investment activities. Many Tanzanians are engaged in agriculture, and here the interest rate for agricultural loans is 9%. We will also insure their livestock,” said Mr. Mpona.

To facilitate their services, Mr. Mpona noted that there are more than 35 agents available to provide assistance.

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