NMB supports Police Clinic in Mtwara

MTWARA: NMB Bank in the Southern Region has donated building materials for the construction of the police clinic maternity ward in Mtwara.

The lender, one of the leading banks in the country, donated 17m/- in terms of building materials including corrugated iron sheets, timber, nails and roofing caps.

NMB’s Southern Zone Manager Faraja Ngingo emphasised that healthcare challenges in the country are a matter of great importance to the bank.

“Supporting our community’s development is one of our commitments and we want to ensure that the community benefits from the gains we make,” stated Ms Ngingo.

She further said: “NMB customers come from within the community and therefore, it is crucial as a responsible stakeholder to invest in healthcare, education and disaster relief.”

NMB, for seven consecutive years, has been contributing 1.0per cent of its profits to the community.

Police Clinic Chief Medical Officer and Health Department officer in Mtwara Dr Stephen Kisaka said the clinic is one of the 18 healthcare centres serving Mtwara.

According to Dr Kisaka, there are 37 police clinics nationwide.

The clinic serves between 2,500 and 3,000 patients per month, of whom between 800 and 1,000 have health insurance.

Mtwara Regional Police Commander (RPC) Nicodemus Katembo said the idea of starting the clinic was proposed by police officers before and supported by other stakeholders and now 80 per cent of its patients are civilians.

“We aspire to have a fully equipped healthcare centre by the year 2025. Therefore, this contribution will facilitate our journey toward achieving that goal,” the RPC said.

The District Commissioner of Mtwara, Ms Mwanahamisi Mukunda, commended the police for being close to the community and their commitment to delivering quality healthcare.

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