NMB sets aside 180m/- prizes through deposit mobilisation campaign

NMB Bank has launched ‘Bonge la Mpango’ season III of the deposits mobilisation campaign in which it will use fabulous prizes to entice current and new customers to make more savings through their accounts.

The lender debuted Bonge la Mpango III in Mwanza yesterday where Retail Banking Chief Mr Filbert Mponzi said winning customers will be awarded prizes worth over 180m/-during the three months of the promotion.

Like its predecessors, the new competition, which this time around is dubbed ‘Bonge la Mpango – Moto Uleule’, seeks to also reward the lender’s loyal customers.

He noted that purpose of the campaign hash-tagged ‘Hatupoi’ is mainly to promote the savings culture, Mr Mponzi said its winners will be rewarded prizes which will also uplift them financially and empower them economically.

“This campaign is for mainly encouraging NMB customers to make more deposits in their accounts and increase their savings for future use and contingent spending,” he noted in his remarks at Buhongwa Sokoni in Nyamagana district of Mwanza region.

“The prizes to be won as part of sharing the profit we make with our customers will include cash, motorcycles and various electronic items, namely fridges, TV sets, smartphones, washing machines and laptops,” he stated.

He added that apart from the Bonge la Mpango prizes, NMB Bank also offers its customers highly innovative financial solutions such as the Mshiko Fasta loans in which a person borrows between 1,000/- and 500,000/- using a mobile phone.

Mr Mponzi said there will be 12 weekly draws and monthly raffles plus a grand finale in which 11 customers will each win a motorbike, five winners will be rewarded cargo tricycles, another seven winning the electronic devices and the luckiest customer pocketing 10m/-.

While every week 10 customers will pocket 100,000/- each and one winner 200,000/-, another will win a motorcycle. In every monthly draw, five winners will scoop 1m/- each and there will be five motorbikes for five lucky customers.

To support the new savings campaign, Mwanza Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Adam Malima opened two NMB accounts for two boda boda riders at the event.

Announcing the RC’s offer, Misungwi District Commissioner, Mr Paulo Chacha, who inaugurated the campaign on his behalf, said Mr Malima will also deposit 100,000/- in the accounts, which is the main criterion for entering the Bonge la Mpango III competition.

When the DC made another two similar offers, NMB officials led by Mr Mponzi also opened three accounts for another three riders depositing 100,000/- in each of them to make the accounts holders eligible for the competition as well.

In his remarks to launch the nationwide promotion, Mr Chacha said NMB Bank was an unrivalled committed business partner in the country and a key national building stakeholder.

“I am obliged to commend NMB Bank not only for the Bonge la Mpango idea but also for many other good things it has been doing for Mwanza residents and all Tanzanians,” he pointed out emphatically noting the lender’s support in furnishing schools and providing medical supplies across the country.

NMB Lake Zone Manager, Mr Ladislaus Baraka said the bank has been running the Bonge la Mpango campaigns for three consecutive years.

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